Phantom Justice

Phantom Justice

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Danny Phantom/Gravity Falls/ Young Justice crossover
Sequel to Phantom Falls (read that one first)

When Danny finally left Gravity Falls, he thought that his troubles with shapeshifters, monsters and demons were over.

He was wrong.

School is about to start, and the halfa hasn't been able to forget the things that happened in Oregon. Neither can the Pines twins, who are going back to California in only two weeks. Mabel especially is not feeling like herself, and Dipper hates to see her this way.

They're on the road to recovery. That is, until a certain group of costume-clad teenagers decide that they're going to take down a public menace: Danny Phantom. With no orders from the League, Young Justice kidnaps Danny, unaware that their ghostly enemy is part human.

Getting their best friend back is not going to be easy, as Sam and Tucker soon learn. They, Jazz, and the Pines' group are willing to do anything to bring Danny home, even if it means breaking into superhero headquarters.

Not rated for language, but for suspenseful/scary or emotional scenes. I do not own Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, or Young Justice, as you have probably guessed by now. No major OCs, except maybe a monster or side character needed for the plot. Takes place after Phantom Falls, and after season one of YJ. Will be updated 1-2 times a week. Enjoy.

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