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Secretly Married to a Prince (EDITING)

Secretly Married to a Prince (EDITING)

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JordanneAbigail By OlafHugs Updated Mar 25

(This is incredibly sappy, cliche, exaggerated, & typical romantic story. Don't read if not your genre.)
When we were little, some of us have always dreamed of being a princess, marry a handsome prince and live in a very beautiful castle like Cinderella, Snow White and Barbie. We want to experience all those wonderful things that comes with being a princess. Imagine a room full of clothes and shoes, fluffy king size bed, pink curtains, and an endless supply of ice cream and goodies. We all thought that a prince is supposed to be kind, gentle, calm, easy to find, handsome, and possesses all the good things you can think of. Maybe can be defined as almost perfect. But When I turned 13, I realized that good princes' are only found in books and in fairy tales. Yes there are beautiful castles, endless supply of clothes and shoes, comfy bed, but an almost perfect prince? I don't think so.  They are arrogant, selfish, mean, demanding, and ugh. It will take me a whole day to tell you everything. Maybe you'd think, "What the heck is she talking about?" or "She is so judgmental!", something like that. But believe me, I KNOW. How? 
  Because I, Briseis (Please call me Aynie), 20 years of age.......
  Is secretly married to a prince. 
  (A handsome-but-a-prick kind of prince)

- - Aug 31, 2016
How can he play Basketball AND football?
                              Wouldn't that take time away from the other?
                              He would probably mess up and use football tactics in basketball.
OlafWintryWishes OlafWintryWishes Feb 15, 2016
Even if your warning people,you don't have to be rude or else they will UNvote it
- - Aug 31, 2016
Not all princes. Fictional wise.
                              Some princesses are bitches too.
heartybreakfast heartybreakfast Apr 07, 2016
Omg the front cover of the crowns is the top 'caps' of my perfume bottle.
thelitmermaid thelitmermaid May 24, 2016
Isn't it the royal family's job to clean the prince's mess? Obviously, it's not a good thing if the prince is seen with different girls every single week. The fact that the king and queen is not doing anything against this is quite questionable.
- - Aug 31, 2016
Lots of girls, and guys because equality, like to dress conservative.
                              Other girls may like to dress flashy, don't put it against them.