The Academy of Elements: Fire

The Academy of Elements: Fire

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Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, and Ice. These are the six main elements of the world.

Fire to warm you.
Water to cool you.
Earth to ground you.
Air to lift you.
Lightning to charge you.
And Ice to calm you.

When Jaxon is in rolled in The Academy of Elements he learns how to control his element, fight magic beasts, and play in elemental duels.
Everything seems fine until Jaxon is told that they are supposed to face Darkness with five other kids and that they are the most powerful elementals of their generation. That they are The Gifted Six. But Jaxon can't even control his power yet.

Will Jaxon survive? Will he be able to stop darkness? Or will darkness consume him?
Book 1 of 6 in The Six Elements Saga
Cover by JimmyJim

Interesting stuff, I like it so far! Kind of similar to my story with the different elements :)
*They give me a pebble* *i close my eyes* *open eyes to see we're falling down a big oit of darkness* *turns out I'm the element of darkness* lol, but I would like a character with the element of darkness that attends the school
I like the plotline so far, but the story could use some structure and back-and-forth dialogue.
sambalazs sambalazs Jun 23
I love the concept! This chapter really sets up the story - I can't wait to see how the Six are different this time.
Love it 
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Actually the 5 elements are earth, water, fire, and spirit. Ice is water and lightning  is not an element