When You Are Done » Supernatural [4] | ✓

When You Are Done » Supernatural [4] | ✓

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Elena hits her head in the roof and is unable to move. She coughs as glass bits crumble to the ground. "Ahh!" She screams in pain. Running feet are heard coming by. "Hello!"

Dean appears and scares her. She screams. "Elena, it's me." He says. 

"My seat belt...I think it's stuck. I can't-" She says. 

"Sh sh sh." Dean says and crouches to her level. "I'm gonna unbuckle your seat belt, but first I need you to put your hands on the roof." 

Elena does what he says. "Is this okay..." She cries. 

"It's perfect." Dean says. "On the count of three, I'm gonna unbuckle you, okay?"


"One...two...three!" Dean yells and Elena falls in the roof. He pulls her out of the truck and puts her in her feet. She can't seem to stand. "You're okay." Dean says, relieved. 

Elena opens her tear-filled eyes. "He slept with her." She says and turns unconscious. Dean looks around to make sure that no one thought he was kidnapping her. Dean picks her up bridal style and puts her in his Impala.


After Dean is mysteriously brought back from Hell, Sam and Elena are left in confusion. But what Dean comes back to is anything but happy.

Sam is working in secret with Ruby, the demon. Elena has no idea what Sam can really do because he is almost never around. 

Ruby, in a new body, is helping Sam exorcise demons using his demon side. Dean finds out that he hasn't been talking to Elena and they get into a big fight. 

While Sam is making new friends with Ruby, something is going on with Elena and she had no one to turn to but Dean. 

He's the only one that can help her.

[Supernatural Season 4]

all rights go to Eric Kripke & Robert Singer; I do not own Elena or any other Vampire Diaries characters, just the storylines

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tammykay715 tammykay715 Feb 18, 2016
He went and saw Elena first :) Sam's an ass! Not surprised since he's all but following Ruby like a puppy!!! The cute smile on Dean's face as he drove away from Elena's. I love it!!!!