somniphobia || vkook

somniphobia || vkook

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"what's your dream?" 
"why do you want to know?" 
"my dream is to have someone look at me like i hung the stars in the sky." 

somniphobia - the fear of falling asleep

book one in the phobia series

krayzwierdo krayzwierdo Dec 27, 2016
To become a surgeon watch vkook become official irl and see a unicorn in a place other than my dreams
xXNewtmasXx123 xXNewtmasXx123 Dec 24, 2016
Mmm spiders are dirty disgusting creatures and I want them to go back to whatever corner of hell they came from
-juancena -juancena Nov 25, 2016
Nah I'm good. I just would prefer to be at ground level but I can definitely deal with heights.
-juancena -juancena Nov 25, 2016
I've had a 3rd degree burn and almost drowned/died and yet I'm still not afraid of either of those. But I'm afraid of spiders... Lmao what even.
krayzwierdo krayzwierdo Dec 27, 2016
Is the sister dead or the best friend 
                              I overthink too mich
KookieToMyTae KookieToMyTae Apr 01, 2016
When I was younger I was scared to fall asleep too, but it wasn't that serious.