somniphobia || vkook

somniphobia || vkook

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"what's your dream?" 
"why do you want to know?" 
"my dream is to have someone look at me like i hung the stars in the sky." 

somniphobia - the fear of falling asleep

book one in the phobia series

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All these deep wishes and I'm here like
                              To have the power to communicate with unicorns
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Sep 12, 2017
Poor thing! I feel bad for anybody who has this. In my opinion, sleeping is the best part of the day in my opinion because it's the only time when I'm not stressed
OoopsIStoleYourJams OoopsIStoleYourJams Nov 15, 2017
To become a psychologist and verify if Vkook is real.
                              Ok jk xD
I want a big house, big cars, and big rings. But actually, I don’t have any big dreams
tylerscreams tylerscreams Sep 11, 2017
:') here i am after 3 months reading my first ever bts fanfic
leviosky leviosky Sep 24, 2017
Why is everyone saying 'same', no offense to those who don't have families (taken away from them, I feel sorry) but you guys have families I'm sure loves you. Anyways I'm done:..same