Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

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Tony Russo By TonyRusso Completed


It's the spring of 1940 and Briley Bannatyne envies her older brother Mackinley. He's about to become a pilot officer in Britain's Royal Air Militia. Second born and a girl, Briley's stuck home repairing tractors and plows in the family's machine shop.

Tragedy suddenly strikes. Badly hurt, Mackinley convinces Briley to take his place in the Air Militia. Training is harsh, nothing like the lark she always imagined. Briley is taunted by privileged sons of lords and tangles with dangerous sky pirates. Kendrick is one of these marauders, captured after Briley shoots him out of the sky. Brash, charismatic and mysterious, Kendrick becomes her unexpected friend and ally. Can she trust the pirate ... or is he a spy?

A terrifying new enemy emerges, setting its sights on Britain. All that stands between the unstoppable Black Legion and invasion is Briley and a handful of brave pilots.

An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest semifinalist in Young Adult fiction.

This is a sample of the complete novel. Read more about DARKEST HOUR on my blog: http://tonyrusso.rocket9studio.com and on www.divertirpublishing.com.

Reffster Reffster Mar 23
I really like the inventive re-imagining of the era and the blending of reality and fantasy.