Lesbian Sex Slave

Lesbian Sex Slave

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***Lesbian Sex Slave***

Ok people this is my third story, yes it is about supernatural and girl with girls ok so you still have time to change you mind about reading this if you don't like it tell me if you do I will keep writing ok here is chapter 1. 

•The punishment•

My name is Breanna Smith, i'm 15 years old. I have medium length black hair and I'm very short. I live in a time where if your caught lying you will be very punished. Everyone knows that vampires, witches, warlocks, and demons are real, they really exicst. The evil ones live in the underworld and the good ones live around humans. The vampires are on top they aren't like the king and queens but the most beautiful. They are all so stunning, and mysterious and special that they just ranked on top. The witches and warlocks ranked second because of there powers and human ranked third. Oh and FYI vampires are not aloud to bite humans and if they do they are sent to the underworld, the humans that are older than 18 are aloud...

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anime_fantrash anime_fantrash May 07, 2016
If u want more fans then try to learn the difference between they're there and their