Feline (Kenma X Reader)

Feline (Kenma X Reader)

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❤ (Kozume Kenma x Reader) ❤ 

(Arrangement of one-shots about your love journey as a cat to the pudding-head, Kenma)

❝ Time spent with cats is never wasted ❞ -Sigmund Freud

Kozume Kenma, a high schooler student who doesn't good with people.

(Your Name), a (Fur Colour) stray cat who doesn't good with no one but people.

The encounter between you and him on the winter was unplanned, but it was the start for the fate tying it's red string on your paw and on his little finger.

He says 'Hello'

You say 'Meow'

He says 'Good Morning'

You say 'Meow'

He asks your day

You answer 'Meow'

But when he rings the bell on the night of (Your birthday)

You say 'Hello'

❤~ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ~❤

❝ Too err is human, to purr is feline ❞ -Robert Bryne

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el2003el el2003el Jun 16
Yeah, he's horrible with cats but him being good with them is also not bad
Chiaxaii Chiaxaii Jul 29, 2016
It's actually canon that he's terrible with cats but you know I'll leave it alone.
mikoterasu mikoterasu Mar 05, 2016
"For some reasons you always loved human" I know it's supposed to be fluff but, DID I EAT HUMANS? MHMM HUMAN MEAT HEHE