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Fairy Tail Academy- NatsuXReader

Fairy Tail Academy- NatsuXReader

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Star Night By StarNight13 Updated 3 days ago

Hey guys it's Star here! This is my first NatsuXReader fanfic. I hope you enjoy it!
Y/N: Your name
L/N: Last name
H/C: Hair color
E/C: Eye color
H/L: Hair Length
F/C: Favorite Color
You were a new student at the Fairy Tail Academy. Everyone here had magic. You were a water dragonslayer. You live in the dorms for girls in the academy. Your roommate is Lucy. The first day for you everything and everyone was new to you. New faces, new places and more. You always wanted to go here. You wish came true. You were the type of girl who never had a crush or her first kiss of course. You were at your locker (I'm giving you lockers.. Don't judge. -_-), a girl with blond hair tied in a ponytail and a girl with scarlet hair that was open walked to you and introduced themselves. The blond one was Lucy Heartfilia, your roommate. The scarlet one was Ezra Scarlet, one of Lucy's best friends. You became fast friends with them. Then best friends after a week. During that week you meet more girls. Their names were Wendy, Cana, Lisanna, Mirajane, Juvia, Evergreen and Levy.  That's all of them so far. You meet some boys. Their names were Gray, Gajeel, Romeo, Elfman, Jellal, and Laxus. There was alway this boy with pink hair with them but he'd never talk to you. He'd always look at you and smile. One day you were at your locker then he come up to you.

I love natsu he is way better but i will go along with story so far
LOLU MY 4TH OTP (just to tell you guys I don't ship Nalu I just don't see that happening like at all and before you people give me a crap it's my OPINION so don't give me all that crap
MirroMaiden13 MirroMaiden13 Jul 16, 2016
Me:Lulu(Lucy) you aren't Mira so shush you mouth
                              Lucy:NO I SHIP WHAT I SHIP
FairyLoverofTheMoon FairyLoverofTheMoon Apr 05, 2016
Having something like A love triangle between Natsu and Sting, for reader-chan, man that's like A lot of fangirls dreams right there, and I guess I'm one of those fangirls too!
fnafspringtrap101 fnafspringtrap101 Jul 15, 2016
Yeah I'm so happy Lucy is not a bitch in thus I'm glad she is her nice normal self hehehe!
cherryblosom111 cherryblosom111 Aug 01, 2016
LOLU I LOVE YOU I SHIP IT! I would like to see 1 episodes in Fairytail of LOLU but I ship nalu more!!