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Underneath a mask (High Priest Zane x Reader)

Underneath a mask (High Priest Zane x Reader)

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707 By PhoenixSlayer987 Updated Feb 03, 2016

Every darkness has its own path way of light
Just like how there are two sides to every story...
A story of a boy who was not acknowledge by his father instead his father ignore him so he was in his own little world trying to find out how to get his attention how it would feel to be loved...
He was so caught up in his own works and studies that he didn't have time to play or talk to his younger brother Vylad.

Yet that changed when everyone had heard of his passing so Zane became rather Psychotic... killing those who do not join the Okhasis alliance along with those who dare oppose him in any way shape or form. 
Yet this all changed when his dad hired him a personal knight Zane wasn't all up for the idea until he thought he saw the face of a angel but soon realized it was just a girl with (H/c) hair (E/c) eyes he knew that she would become one of his weaknesses so he tried to ignore her.

Yet no matter how many times he tried he could not help but want to talk to her more the two became pretty close friends well close enough for Zane to like her.
The two would always come underneath the cherry blossom tree outside the walls of Okhasis and tell each other everything yet the one thing (Y/n) never told Zane was her past....

This all changed when Zane had soon realized that his knight was not there to greet him so he ran out to find her to only find her dead corpse with a Phoenix Drop arrow that was pierced right through her chest...
Zane had is old habits again... Instead he had no mercy towards them... Yet his own place he could regain his sanity is under the cherry blossom tree hoping that this was all a dream and the girl he loved will return....

This is the emotional side of Zane that I truly believe exists
Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Sep 22, 2016
Acertz Acertz Nov 27, 2016
You know what it should've said "for the first time in forever" instead of in so long so this is why I don't have friends
19_Mangle_87 19_Mangle_87 Mar 27, 2016
when i started reading i already knew this book would be great and so far i'm right
sinisterme- sinisterme- Jul 06, 2016
C'mon Zane, let's go and destroy Phoenix Drop together. They killed me first.
boris3234 boris3234 Jan 22, 2016
THE FUDGING FEELS AUGH { crawls in corrnor and cries} the feels the feels the feelsss