❤️ Undertale Oneshots ❤️

❤️ Undertale Oneshots ❤️

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*Seeing this book fills you with LOVE.



So, yeah, welcome to Undertale Oneshots, where all your fanficy fantasies come true! I'll be updating regularly, so please stay tuned. Give a vote, a comment, or even a follow if you like it!

Commissions are more than welcome. Comment if you want a Oneshot. I'll dedicate every single ounce of my writing skill to your request, as long as you guys support me and want me to continue this book from hereon. 

This book does not contain inappropriate content.

IMPORTANT: Events in this book may be prior to the events of the True Pacifist ending, or the aftermath of the True Pacifist ending. It may be set in the Genocide run, or the Neutral ending as well. 

Frisk has no relevance nor effect to the numerous plots unless stated otherwise. Certain events may be twisted in order to avoid complications in the writing. 

Dec. 2015- {???} 2016

                              *laughs maniacally as lemons burn in distance*
Can you do a "Asgore X Nice! Shy! Reader"? That'll be awesome! :3
Is it weird that seeing this book really did fill me with determination XD?
PSthewolf12 PSthewolf12 Apr 22
you should do a yandere under swap sans x reader 
                              but not to be to much to ask  the reader dose love him in the end :3
                              as the saying goes he loves you to death
Ok this will be really awkward but can you do a Flowey x reader x Papyrus
                              Like an awkward triangle
hmmm maybe a yandere!chara x genocide!reader and sans x tsundere!reader ? I just thought those two would be cool