The Secrets We Keep To Stay Alive (JohnDave)

The Secrets We Keep To Stay Alive (JohnDave)

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•~>Kee<~• By Sylph_of_Blood Updated Apr 18, 2017

We all have secrets we hide from the world, some more deep and extreme than others.  Who do we trust with our hidden baggage?  When do we know that we can trust someone? How can we differentiate the backstabbers from the backstabbed?

When we find the one we can trust with our soul, how much can you endure together?  

"And I know I'll eventually have to tell him the truth that I've been avoiding, but I just want to live in this world for just a bit longer.  Being able to stop and feel the breeze around me, and sit in the shade for a bit.  Blissfully unaware of the dangers that may lie in my future.  If only we could stop the clockwork, stop time, and stay here forever. "

-I own nothing, Homestuck and its entirety belong to Andrew Hussie

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DinjaFred DinjaFred Mar 29
I feel you on that 3am bit }XD
                              Al5o I love thi5 5tory 5o far!!! I can’t want to 5ee where it 6oes!
alantheawsome alantheawsome Nov 08, 2016
Happens to meme all of the time I have insomnia and ADHD lol
CoolBlaze1 CoolBlaze1 Oct 11, 2016
413, I would like to know who gave you the creative idea to do that.
TheRedJacketKiller TheRedJacketKiller Aug 11, 2016
Why the Hall is his bushowing up so early mine comes at like 8:45
Jyth_Mivena Jyth_Mivena Mar 06, 2017
That... wake up looks so ominous (long words make me sound more photosynthesis :p)
2olluxFuckiingCaptor 2olluxFuckiingCaptor Sep 11, 2016
Thii2 remiind2 me of the Fic 'Mute And Cute'. Oh Gog plea2e don't let iit end liike that book. PLEA2E.