Runners' Romance (A SkyBop Maze Runner fanfic)

Runners' Romance (A SkyBop Maze Runner fanfic)

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Sabrina Rowan By Zellona Updated Jun 23

This is a SkyBop fanfiction based off of SkyDoesMinecraft's wonderful Maze Runner role play! (You don't need to watch the series to appreciate the story, but I'd recommend some background knowledge on the Maze Runner Series.)

Jin has been in the Glade for almost two years now. He's dealt with countless greenies and has seen just about everything. That is, until Sky shows up. Something about him is different, and it's not just because Jin thinks he's -- *whispers* -- cute. Sky doesn't just accept defeat like everyone else in the Glade, and he gives Jin a sense of hope that he can't remember ever having before. Sky, however, is too courageous for his own good, and Jin has to keep him out of trouble (impossible) while he tries to figure out what exactly is so special to him about Sky (maybe less impossible). 

This is my first full-fledged story in a long time, so please let me know what you think! Updates might be irregular, but I can guarantee this story will be completed!

(New cover is up! Cover drawn and designed by me)

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Setsuko839 Setsuko839 Jul 14, 2016
I love that series do you know if they did season 2??? Also cool fan fiction!!!!
DecipherTheCipher DecipherTheCipher Nov 15, 2016
Thats good and this book is good! The details make it better!
cookiepanda229 cookiepanda229 Jul 05, 2016
Btw I saw Sky's Minecraft Roleplay of Maze Runner and I luv it.
NotUsingAnymore007 NotUsingAnymore007 Feb 16, 2016
Pretty sweet!! The only reason I'm reading this is because of you though. I hope you know that XD
CatAndACake CatAndACake May 25, 2016
Re-reading this because I love it so much! Keep up the great work!!
dashie2933 dashie2933 Jun 13, 2016
My friend was reading over my shoulder and I realized only when she screamed "EWWW" 
                              Then I went on with a ten minute long lecture about skybop