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NorthPaw: I Got Your Six! (BoyxBoy & Military)

NorthPaw: I Got Your Six! (BoyxBoy & Military)

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CrossBlade By OutstandingShadow Updated Jan 06

A Wolf, Kevin, enlists and begins his a life in the military. He thinks he is physically & mentally prepared, but it will be put up to the test. Along the way, he meets new friends and some enemy's. He will see if he has what it takes to survive the harsh war being fought overseas. Will he make it?

Amazing Cover Art by: ZaneTheWolf
This story is FICTION. Does include:
+ Furries (Anthro/Fictional Characters)
+ Military Lifestyle
+ Mature Content (Strong Language, Violence, Mature Themes)
This Story & Author does NOT mean to:
+ Degrade ANY Military Branch, Organization, and or Soldier.
+ Offend ANY Military Branch, Organization, and or Soldier.
+ Steal Valor/Honor earned by a real-life BCT Graduate, Active-Duty, Reserve, and or Veteran Soldier.

GayasfuckforGerard GayasfuckforGerard Aug 20, 2016
Wow that was amazing it really cool to have a furry story from the military point of view
Goldoak2002 Goldoak2002 Aug 24, 2016
Damn this got my heart racing, and it's only the first chapter but God! It's deep
LaraCroftSonadow LaraCroftSonadow Aug 27, 2016
Yay!!!! War favorite....also keep up the good work and your job as well :)
ScottTheWolf324 ScottTheWolf324 Aug 25, 2016
Looks like another good story, still sending my prayers and love towards you and your family. The military feel is amazing btw, it's seems to make a good story.
SagitarioKaen SagitarioKaen Aug 20, 2016
Man, this was a beautiful first chapter, not beautiful as happy for it, like the good writing. It was amazing 😍. Keep it up man!
Shiro-Shin Shiro-Shin Aug 20, 2016
I really dont understand the military talk but....... I love it!!!