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Soul Eater Boys x Reader: Broken (Book Two)

Soul Eater Boys x Reader: Broken (Book Two)

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Writer-Chan By Writer-Chann Updated Apr 03

There was darkness all around me, and I felt so alone. I thought I knew this place well, and for some reason, I was scared of it. I moved, feeling twinges of pain go through me. That's right. There seemed to always be pain.

I reached my aching arms out and felt walls right next to me, icy stone. I smiled a little, feeling my lips crack and begin to bleed. I took in a breath, the hot sensation of agony spreading through my chest, and then I remember that the scientists had tested the affects of acids on human skin on me. 

I looked up as I heard a lard door slam open, footsteps, and moments later my eyes were met by harsh light that came from a small slit in my cell's door that had opened. I saw the filthy fingers of the man who came for me each day the scientists wished to practice their methods on me. He smiled at me, and I saw his large, white teeth. 

"Hello, pretty." He said.

Hello everyone~! It's Writer-Chan, and I'm back with another x Reader.
(Book Two)
{book one is Soul Eater Boys x Reader, it is marked as Book One as well thanks read that first lmao only if you want fam}
A few things before we start. I will most likely add some origional characters into this story. Don't hate on any of them please, that would be appreciated. 
And if any of you read the other x reader, thank you so much for coming and reading this one too! 
I'll be up for any sugestions, but please. Don't be mean about anything, especially typos because I most likely will be writing a lot of these parts at seven in the morning and you know how that goes.. I needs my coffee. 

Thank you~

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the charcters from soul eater, or any of the art used in the cover or indevidual parts in the story.

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Yukina_Sakagami Yukina_Sakagami Mar 14, 2017
One Question Writer-Chan, Is this book connected on the book one?
geeky_killua geeky_killua Mar 29, 2016
I like your story but parts of my body hurt now I don't know why this doesn't usually happen but I really love your story
OriginalCrona66 OriginalCrona66 Feb 09, 2016
Great story it's just that professor stein is only like 28 not 50 cuz you said that he looked middle aged, professor stein always had grey hair even when he was a kid so yea
invaliantly invaliantly Jan 23, 2016
You're right, it's not actually science, but I guess whatever the hell they're doing could be classified as an experiment of sorts.. in a weird sick way.
TheRandomGarl TheRandomGarl Dec 01, 2015
Amazeballs. You are literally, thr best Writer-chan! *Black Star comes in*
                              Black*Star:Not as best as ne!
-goodbyeuqly -goodbyeuqly Nov 30, 2015
//does weird bowing thing
                              I have no words to describe how amazing this is