A flash of blue {DISCONTINUED} T-T

A flash of blue {DISCONTINUED} T-T

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From the very start I've always been there, with everyone, but I was never seen. I was always in the back and that's how I wanted it, to never attract attention, because I never wanted friends. Why? You ask because all the friends and family I had are gone, or dead should I say. I'm scared of getting new friends because I don't wanna see them disappear too, I don't want pain. So I hide, but the people who know about my existence are dear to me which scares me what if they leave me too. I guess I'll have to wait in time.

Who am I you ask, a selfless girl, age of 13, lonely but happy for the people around me, wishing to do anything for people's happiness.

My name is Kimi hashimoto, and this is my story.

Just think of me as a flash of blue.

Kimi hashimoto has always been unnoticed, never seen as anything but a flash of blue. She doesn't want anymore bonds because of her past, but more will be revealed in time, just let the story tell her story.

But her being unnoticed won't last much anymore, seeing as she's put into a team and is mixed up into the craziness of the world by bumping into the loudest knuckle head ninja ever.


I know bad description but I hope you read, might have slow updates, no bad words and not much love....

But it might be something worth reading.

Don't own Naruto, or the pictures I use the pictures of the Internet and I create the collages off picollage. I only own Kimi and any other oc's I make.

Sorry, but if your going to read this fanfic, just know that there will be no updates.

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Animumaker Animumaker Mar 26
Hey I can actually remember a time before I lost my innocence
Ah yes my favorite naruto characters naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno, and *looks at smudged writing* sasgay uichia
I cant do any for the fitness gram I got zero I repeat 0000000000
That could be me xD I am so weird I feel almost sorry for the others...
I cant do any for the fitness gram I got zero I repeat 0000000000
I know that Mizu means water, so it's water something.. but what does magari mean? 馃 Wave? Since her little symbol has waves? Does it mean water wave? 馃