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I should really make this a series 

A rant book were I complain about fan fiction, the cliches that are in almost all of them, and how there is a lack of good, quality fan fiction out there. I guess this is also a tips book, too.

cover inspired by @whayever

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shotgunned shotgunned Sep 17
dude same like if you wanna make a character make them someone not related to anyone on the show. do some research and give them an explosive storyline
adnarose adnarose Oct 11
Same arc with the same actress. Like wtf. The girl is not even remotely Mexican
moniicatx moniicatx Nov 24
Every. Single. Story. Scoots twinnie, nina dobrev as fc and has had a crush 4eva on stiles but is always moping bcos he loooooves lydia. 8/10 will use my poor bby isaac as a side hoe for seaaon 1 and just drop him lyk a sack of spuds. 
                              Yep thats teen wolf fanfic summed up lol.
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-litlit- -litlit- Jul 30
I actually like this I only hate when the character is white since Scott is clearly Hispanic
Not only that but the faceclaim is Nina Dobrev 99.7% of the time