Dave x Dirk x Male!Reader

Dave x Dirk x Male!Reader

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Your name was (Y/N).
You currently moved from Illinois to Texas.
People have been eyeing you but that's normal, right?
You shrug and run off to your first day of school with a long sigh.

You have the feeling it's going to be a long day..

// TW'S: Rape, Cutting, Suicide, and Kidnapping 
// Disclaimer- I do not own the characters 
// In this story, Dirk and Dave, well mostly Dirk is well.. 'Insane' if you don't like this idea do not read the story, plan and simple

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Chibi-Wolf Chibi-Wolf Apr 20, 2017
random people teleporting to whoever knows where....
                               k then im just going to continue life as normal
VindohHodniv VindohHodniv Jun 24, 2017
Yay don't have to make a fake name for myself because my name can be used for both genders but a different spelling :3