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Something more- Darkiplier X reader

Something more- Darkiplier X reader

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LeMischievousWriter By TheMischievousFan Completed

This is my first X reader, so please don't hate. It is about a girl (you) who made a deal with a man by the name of Darkiplier, Markiplier's evil side. You were originally going to be used as a sacrifice until Dark thought of you as something more. Also, there is another alter ego that feels that you are also something more than a sacrifice. This is a X reader that has romance, drama, and, hopefully, heart racing moments.  

Also, I DO NOT OWN THE ARTWORK. The only artwork is the cover though. I do not own it. Yeah, I'm not a really good drawer. Anyway, thank you and bye! :) Also, there is a sequel! It tis called "Something Dangerous". Yeah, I kind of put a thousand authors notes saying that there is a sequel, so... sorry for annoying you. I had one person complain to me saying, "Stop saying that you have a flippin sequel! Everybody understands that you have one!" So, ever since then I have tried to be less annoying. And these few sentences just ruined it for me.....ANYWAY, ENJOY THE STORY!!!

(Blastphamoushdgaming voice)
                              O HAIL NAW!!! FUQ DIS SHIET!!!!
WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE TIME ITS RAPIN TIME *closes book and clears history*
NeonYandere NeonYandere 2 days ago
boi... i dun live in usa... altho i can still watch the livestreams so that probably makes sense why he's in mah fookin' house...
I swear to god if the is she said joke I'm going to hang myself</3
UndertaleTrash454 UndertaleTrash454 Dec 09, 2016
Wait am I short or is it cause I'm sitting in a chair?
                              Dark: your short
                              😑 Why
MkUltimate MkUltimate Sep 27, 2016
Mkay you know I am friends with anti for a reason 
                              Dark who
                              Anti surprise bïtch