for him ✦ janiel

for him ✦ janiel

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warning - book includes:

self harm
sexual assault/rape

stop reading if any of the things listed above are sensitive or triggering to you

*this book doesn't mean to use death as a joke, or using the concept of it in a joking manner. it's simply for the storyline, and it shouldn't be taken humorously*

constellahtions constellahtions Sep 14, 2016
I just looked at the characters and now I'm happy that tro and connor are in this
TaylorHarty TaylorHarty Aug 29, 2016
Daniel would be happy to wipe those tears away and make things better😢❤😟
bookoftinyghosts bookoftinyghosts Dec 19, 2016
one time my mom spilt something i was drinking and she was like damnit and then i said it's okay and then she was like no it's not nothing will ever be okay and i was shook af i was like mom are u good
bookoftinyghosts bookoftinyghosts Dec 19, 2016
when i was like five i would purposely give myself paper cuts on this book idk why tf i was doing that but
He's name's Daniel preda , you should try googling him sometime 😂
bookoftinyghosts bookoftinyghosts Dec 19, 2016
i hope that you forget to turn Christmas lights off and you get set on fire