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You and I Gotta Put an End to This (Peterick)

You and I Gotta Put an End to This (Peterick)

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Just Read My Fan Fiction By BenzedrineAddict Completed

A story about how people don't change no matter how much you want them too. How two people come together to face the word together even as the world they built for each other is falling apart, and how even your own relationship isn't as clear as it seems.
Patrick thinks he's over Him.
It's been over a year since Patrick has seen Him and Patrick doesn't know where He went.
However, when He comes back out of nowhere one night, everything Patrick has ever thought about Him is changed.
He wants to show Patrick that He has changed for Patrick, but can people really change? Can Patrick forgive.

DaddyWeekes DaddyWeekes Jul 15, 2016
Well then this is definitely not where I thought this was going you might as well have just stabbed me ouch
angeleyes-demonsoul angeleyes-demonsoul Jun 29, 2016
He really puts off a sherlocky vibe with all his psycho-anslyzing I'm enjoying
angeleyes-demonsoul angeleyes-demonsoul Jun 29, 2016
I can just picture him pausing for the dramatic effect & it made me giggle
Gerard could be a bartender. He has been everything in his life
angeleyes-demonsoul angeleyes-demonsoul Jun 29, 2016
I've been putting off reading this because you still update it & I don't want to reach the point of waiting but damn Matt this is freaking sweet & I feel bad for putting off starting it for so long
celestialwentz celestialwentz Dec 16, 2015
Already read this but I'm gonna say it again.... AMAZING CHAPTER I CAN'T EVEN ENGLISH RIGHT