BirdFlash: You Are My Sunshine | COMPLETE

BirdFlash: You Are My Sunshine | COMPLETE

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Lauryn By Skycrystal23 Completed


Wally and Dick both love each other but they don't know how to tell each other. Dick is always close to Wally and knows everything about him. Until one day he notices a couple bruises on Wally that were not inflicted from any mission. This worries Robin hugely. This is where the sad and awkward moments begin ;) 

WARNING: There is abuse in this story and some sexual content

I do not own Young Justice

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LastMinuteCosplay LastMinuteCosplay Dec 12, 2017
Why did I think of the Get Help game that Thor and Loki did 😂😂
NightwingT737 NightwingT737 Aug 28, 2017
Robin being thirteen makes Birdflash look more romantic and hot😂
Pixie_Winged_Gen Pixie_Winged_Gen Sep 17, 2017
I love Harley Quinn, she is so fun, she has that cute sense of the fact that she is uterly crazy and makes it into a show so
GoldenOpal GoldenOpal Oct 22, 2017
I love Harley Quinn and the Joker,they get to my inner crazy,and the only other thing that can do that is Alice In Wonderland
DaKawaiiSenpai DaKawaiiSenpai Aug 31, 2017
That scared me-
                              It's a book I don't know why but it scared me----
                              She came out of no where and shot him I felt my heart sink Xd
GoldenOpal GoldenOpal Oct 22, 2017
I did not come to play with you hoes,heh,I can to slay bitch