BirdFlash: You Are My Sunshine

BirdFlash: You Are My Sunshine

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Lauryn :p By Skycrystal23 Completed

Wally and Dick both love each other but they don't know how to tell each other. Dick is always close to Wally and knows everything about him. Until one day he notices a couple bruises on Wally that were not inflicted from any mission. This worries Robin hugely. This is where the sad and awkward moments begin ;) 

WARNING: There is abuse in this story and some sexual content

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Of course he would startle you and batman. He's a freaking bad ass
Dick you got stabbed and shot boi what's wrong with you child.....
                              ok not to ruin the moment or anything but I can't help it...
                              RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!!!!
*batman and robin talking*
                              Alfred: hello sirs
                              *batman screams*
                              *robin jumps 3 ft int the air*
You're one to talk. You are the biggest ninja in the world. Besides batman
MusicLyric03 MusicLyric03 3 days ago
Noooooo my baby poor Wally don't worry Wall-Man it will better soon