This is my life!!!!(On hold)

This is my life!!!!(On hold)

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Rhianna Hutcherson By RhiannaHutcherson Updated Nov 30

Lucy heartfilia's life is being taken away by Lisanna Strauss 

Lisanna's POV 

I run to the guild rip my clothes cut my self and use the blood,  wipe it on everything I tie rope around my legal and arms, and **** ties the ropes to the poles. **** writes with my blood on the wall Lucy was here.

Lucy heartfilia? I'm not Lucy heartfilia
 the Lucy heartfilia you all know
 and loved that Lucy was burned.

12Rayne 12Rayne May 19
Isn't that what happens during child birth after all that pushing? ._. Lmao jk but that's hilarious XD
AkaneShiro AkaneShiro Jul 04
Haaaahhh?!?!?!?! That fast? ! Thats a bit.... unrealistic right?
That did happened or else she wouldn't be there living and breathing right now
hmmm so she goes from about to be attacked to being teleported and then talking to her mom and becoming dragon princess plus she is now going to start training even though she is stronger than laxus. makes sense. >.<
AirPokemon AirPokemon Jan 26
❤️😣😭☹😆🤗😚  I am weird…  don't judge me!!!