Percy Jackson: The Betrayed and Forgotten

Percy Jackson: The Betrayed and Forgotten

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delaite2789 By delaite2789 Updated Jul 14, 2017

What happens when Poseidon claims another demigod son? How about when Chaos - creator of everything - decides to pay Earth a visit?

Percy Jackson thought he had nothing to worry about. He had friends, there's no more 'Great Prophecy', and, most importantly, he had his girlfriend, Annabeth. It's funny how everything can be ripped away from you like none of it was ever yours. The happiness, the love, and the friendship, it was all taken away from him. All because of a certain demigod named Bryce Portman.

Apparently, the fates thought that wasn't enough for Percy. On top of losing everything he has ever cared about, a war breaks out, one the Gods cannot handle on there own. 

~ I have adopted this story from @Psycho_Zombie, he wrote the first nine chapters before I took over, I only modified them a little bit. ~

- Credit to @carmsies for the cover -

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ThatGerlNamedTwat ThatGerlNamedTwat Dec 02, 2016
Ok. The son  of Poseidon
                              Give me a break
Raven_Dell Raven_Dell Oct 15, 2016
He should be called Stormegetton Dark Lord of All.... Jk that's my name
EmperorsNewCloth EmperorsNewCloth Oct 31, 2016
I feel Percy being treated dumb is a advantage for him. As his foes would not suspect him to be smart.
snowflakefrozenseal snowflakefrozenseal Jan 31, 2017
Hey! I have something! Now, never trust a guy who's name is Bryce.
MagicMortal MagicMortal Dec 27, 2016
this is weird i have read these chappies before and they are the exact same as 7 other books
E445675 E445675 Jul 22, 2016
I actually hate how people call Percy a goofball who cant do crap without Annabeth, when hes actually so much more