Wait I am a werewolf... And HE'S my mate?!

Wait I am a werewolf... And HE'S my mate?!

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Summer Black is just a normal teenager until she turns 18. Summer's family has a big secret, but what will happen when Summer finds out? Will she accept the truth or will she deny it? What about her mate, will it be the 'happily ever after' Summer has always dreamed of or will it take a turn for the worst? 
You're a werewolf sweetie and so are we, my mom told me. All I remember after that was darkness and a feeling like I was falling into a hole that had no bottom.


When I woke up I couldn't move, it was like I was paralyzed. Slowly I started to move my toes then my legs and arms till finally I opened my eyes. "Ahhhh! Someone dim the lights!" 

"Oh sorry miss", a man said to me he was dressed like a doctor but he looked to be in his 20's. 

"Who are you an where am I.", I asked the stranger.

"I'm the pack doctor and..."

After that I was out cold and I told myself "wow I really need to stop doing that."

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EireneMargaretteReyn EireneMargaretteReyn Jun 22, 2017
We are sooo much alike! I hate modays but I love Friday and I am not a morning person either😊😊
-a_m_ber- -a_m_ber- Apr 23, 2017
I like be that song along with Holiday by green day and a lot of their other songs
Franqwerty306 Franqwerty306 Aug 09, 2016
Uh is there another brother or is it the 20 year old? Cuz if it's the 20 year old he must be some kind of child prodigy to graduate with the required degrees and stuff to be a principal
chector53 chector53 Jan 16, 2017
Best friend always crush on each other brothers because of avaibiIty
chector53 chector53 Jan 16, 2017
Brother is principal, dad owns school. Wow. So you are a Brat? Spoiled. Not good.
liv1153 liv1153 Sep 10, 2016
I do like is as a start but it felles as if you are rushing throuhg it. Slow it down a tad and add mor details and it would be amazing 😀