heal me ➣ taegi

heal me ➣ taegi

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vess By seolta Updated Jan 26

If you truly wanted to die

you would talk...

But you choose not to...

You want to live, Yoongi



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and this is about the time when I ask myself what I’m doing down this dark void again
I just finished reading a teagi book about depression and I am moving on to read yet another one.....LETS GOOO
Lmao I saw 'Yoongi's friend' and I thought you were taliing about his dick lmao
I'm 18/19 but I'm basically the adult if the house since my eldest sister(28) has the mind of a year old
why am i more worried about the last warning than i am the fifth
where do people lock the cemetery? Where I live teenagers come at night in and make partys .....