Maybe Love Is Worth Dying For -Sequel to:Is Love Really Worth Dying For?

Maybe Love Is Worth Dying For -Sequel to:Is Love Really Worth Dying For?

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Destiel'll be canon By TWD_Fan_Girl Updated Jul 19, 2016

"You miss him, don't you?"

"I don't miss him."

"Yeah, okay."

"I'm serious. He broke my heart why should I forgive his ass?"

"Your saying that now. But it's only the first day without him. Pretty soon you won't even know what to do with yourself. I know you two. You love him and he loves you. You don't know what you have until it's gone."

--This is the sequel to Is Love Really Worth Dying For?

I do not recommend this book for kids under 13 seeing as this book will include violence, suicidal thoughts, and swearing. 

Hope you enjoy it :3

Started: Nov. 30, 2015

Me: *Takes the pudding and hides it*
                              *Door opens*
                              Me: *Looks at door* *Sees Carl* *Starts eating pudding*
                              Carl: Kyra!?
                              Me: Sh*t.
                              Carl: Can I have some?
                              Me: *Runs to Gwyn* GWYN LET'S GO! CAR;'S HERE AD I HAVE PUDDING!
                              XD Sorry I love pudding toooooooo!
mrfluffykin mrfluffykin Jun 17
Well I guess you  should have thought about that before you shot my sister
Oh yea, and a 112 ounce can of chocolate pudding, but I'll leave that for Coral
Except for Carl... For some reason I'm thinking about this guy named Carl and he's an animal and his friend says "Carl that kills people." I'm so sorry for my retardedness
piper4562 piper4562 Dec 20, 2016
ARE THEY BAKED BEANS?!?!?! IF THEY ARE IM CALLING DIBS ON THEM TOOO!!!!!!!! *makes a terrible lord of the rings impression* MAH PREACIOUSSSSSSSS