Warrior Cats Roleplay

Warrior Cats Roleplay

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The four living Clans are at peace by the Lake once more--only it's five Clans now. SkyClan has left the Gorge due to rats striking again, and they found the Lake with the help of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Join these five Clans and roleplay throughout the territories, having your characters fall in love, raising kits, hunting and going through battles....and most of all, have fun!

#1 IN RANDOM 1/11/18


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Livien467 Livien467 Jul 20, 2017
Can you make a queen then have other people make the kits and they can play the kits?
I find that the complete opposite but okie. Also, my tags are a bit buggy.
stitchology stitchology Oct 16, 2017
                              I just changed my user again from Geekception to i37IWS to stitch, but I won’t be changing it again until summer at the least 
                              I'm working on my replies because I haven't been active in a while 😘
- - Jul 01, 2017
@clockworkanguish I changed my username from Warrior_Cats_FTW to HollymistofTC
stitchology stitchology Jun 23, 2017
Omg Chesh you should make an aesthetic/mood board page 
                              So people can make aesthetics/mood boards for their cats :0
bluefeladela bluefeladela Dec 21, 2017
@-scatteredsnowflakes we gotta get this active again, I really miss it.