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Warrior Cats Roleplay

Warrior Cats Roleplay

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Chess By clockworkanguish Updated Feb 20

The four living Clans are at peace by the Lake once more--only it's five Clans now. SkyClan has left the Gorge due to rats striking again, and they found the Lake with the help of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Join these five Clans and roleplay throughout the territories, having your characters fall in love, raising kits, hunting and going through battles....and most of all, have fun!


splashywave98 splashywave98 Feb 15, 2016
//This isn't for the rules but maybe you could add in a news section so people that missed a roleplay, battle, patrol ect can find out what's been happening
GlowWolf2303 GlowWolf2303 Feb 21, 2016
This seems stupid, but could I please have my own clan, I've been making my own stories with this character and clan for over a year now, well two years actually...
Cherry_The_Moonweb Cherry_The_Moonweb Jun 20, 2016
Can I still join? I want to be Flowerspot and i'm just like Spotleaf but i brown eyes... and ofcourse, im female and 9 moons old... and other: shy and kind, wanna br a warrior
lapizwolf42 lapizwolf42 Feb 19
I know Blackpelt got deleted and all but can I add a new character to this roleplay? I'm trying to become more active now.
GlowWolf2303 GlowWolf2303 Feb 21, 2016
And I'm not making Ragestar kill anyone without their permission obviously, I'll follow the rules in every way, I was just seeing if I could have my own clan.. Maybe...
GamerGal77 GamerGal77 Apr 16, 2016
I…is there anything important that I missed? I have been looking through my notifications over the last two weeks (100+) and I just…I don't know what to start with :/