Pitch Black

Pitch Black

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Skai Jackson is a quiet girl. In fact, she is mute,but by choice. She writes everything in her notebook. Crushes, feelings, how the day went. One day somebody took her notebook . Who  stole this notebook you ask? None other than Greyson Reynolds, the schools bad boy. Who claims he's a werewolf. 

He's crazy right?

Or is he?

Cuz every time we touch I get this feeling!!! Come on someone finish the lyrics....
That Is so good no writer that I've read has ever done that 😂
deleted07 deleted07 Aug 23, 2016
That's how I feel when someone is named Hailey I'm like Bish nooo I was named first
meloserdoff meloserdoff Dec 22, 2016
Maybe he's secretly a nerd and talking about the platelets in her blood 🤔
That kind of rhymed 
                              "I've been like this since I was ten. I don't think I'll ever sleek again"
JhaJha2710 JhaJha2710 Feb 29, 2016
She couldn't talk and you're asking if she's deaf? You dumb or what? 😂😂😉