The Road to Mr. and Mr. || Stony Mpreg

The Road to Mr. and Mr. || Stony Mpreg

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Steve Rogers isn't the super soldier everyone though he was. He held a secret. No one knew it. Not Peggy, not Bucky, no one. 

Except Tony's.

Tony Stark, the famous Iron Man, is best friends with Steve. He knew Steve's secret, that Steve was gay. Or at least, that he wasn't attracted to women as he was to men. It's just, he didn't didn't know the bigger secret.

Tony doesn't think that things could go wrong when the plane filled with Avengers takes off. But they do. The plane gets hit. Fury, Natasha, Bruce, Clint, and Thor are safe in New York after boarding a rescue plane. But Tony and Steve, not so much.

Tony and Steve ended up stranded on a deserted island, thousands to millions of miles away from the rest of the Avengers. But there's a problem only Steve knows, that could lead to maximum damage to not just himself.


I do not own the Avengers or any other superhero that may show up in this book. 
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Well then I'm screwed. Wait I've been screwed for almost 3 years. (Crappy romance story that isn't even romantic)
That_Badass_Ginger That_Badass_Ginger Aug 23, 2017
Pfft. I never noticed this but, who is that stalker guy in the background of that scene making googily eyes at Captain America and listening in to their plans? Is he Hydra? Is he a servant of Loki? No one shall know.
CrumpetsRGood4U CrumpetsRGood4U Mar 14, 2016
This intro is amazing! Can see a lot of good stuff coming from this story! :)