Ask/Dare Danganronpa and SDR2! (Discontinued)

Ask/Dare Danganronpa and SDR2! (Discontinued)

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"Oh, it's time for a snack." By yChAn101 Completed

The title says it all.

Warning: Spoilers!!

(This book has been discontinued.)

musicgirl227 musicgirl227 Apr 11, 2016
I dare Hajime and Komaeda to make out! Pretty please! At least for 20 seconds! I'll do anything!
EkotheGecko EkotheGecko Jan 23, 2016
I dare Komaeda to not talk about hope for at least 3 asks :3
                              Upupupu~ >v<
Wind_Archer_CR Wind_Archer_CR Nov 30, 2015
Neon: Oh lord...*silently throws a exact duplicate scarf at Gundam* I TOTALLY DIDN'T TELL HAJIME TO STEAL IT BYE *runs like heck* O-O
Wind_Archer_CR Wind_Archer_CR Nov 29, 2015
Neon: Ok, i dare Komaeda to attempt to steal Gundam's scarf and blame it on Hajime :3