Supernatural Oneshots English -CLOSED-

Supernatural Oneshots English -CLOSED-

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All the fandoms By FandomOneshot Updated Aug 10, 2017

Your wishes. Your shots. And i am here to make them come to life.

You love supernatural and wish you were a part of it? Well, guess what? You are exactly there where you belong then.

Yeah you read it correctly. I am one out of the millions one shot writers in the world. But hey, I love to make people happy so shoot me. I can promise you my one shots will be original and not some imitation.

Crunch, humor, dark humor, love, hate, anger, violence, fluff. Everything is allowed.
But i'm not responsible for the emotional damage, the imagines will cause you. <3

Be a part of a family which protects and defends each other no matter what. Even if you have to make a deal with crowley.

I write Oneshots every kind with any character, all generes. There are no limits set for your wishes. Think of me as aladins genie.

It is all about Supernatural.-crossovers with other Tv Shows are possible to. But mainly Spn. Well I'm looking forward for requests. I'd love to write you imagines.

More information in the first chapter!<3

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