Dark Skin

Dark Skin

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❝ maya ❞ By withink Updated Oct 27

❝Was it her fault if she had dark skin?❞

#35 in Short Story. [25/06/16]

• Book One of the 'Camouflage' Series. 
• This story lays emphasis on bullying, racism and domestic violence.

cover by @soundthealarm


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awkward_exe awkward_exe May 31
It's supposed to mean "I'm high-key being racist but sugarcoating it to make it seem like I have good intentions"
                              This is why my faith in humanity is so dead
AstridOwen AstridOwen Apr 29
I resent this. People who say this seriously need to fall off the face of the earth
oLedeya oLedeya May 18
A girl told me once that I would be very pretty as a white girl
even i have to face racism because of my skin color.
                              Indian are so obsessed with fair skin.
Guyanese_Queen Guyanese_Queen Jul 01, 2016
What does this mean indeed and why don't we ever hear "she's pretty for a light skin? " Pretty is pretty, no colour needed.
Dollores_ Dollores_ Feb 24
You see, in my home country even dark skinned people are given labels...the light skinned are known as yellows..the ones who are full of melanin are known as blues or greens...white people are known as reds... Just thought I'd let you know that your reference here is of meaning back in my country