Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Diametric

Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Diametric

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D E F Y By Jxcob_Frye Updated Oct 20

[Jacob x Reader]

During a time of great oppression, a time of invention, a time of great supremacy to the more wealthy, you learn that despite being a rich girl from Cambridge who once looked down at the poor, that even the poor need to be free.

You are a well educated girl from a wealthy family of Cambridge, who had everything you wanted, whenever you wanted, just at the click of your fingers. But when your father eventually passes away, and inherits his apothecary to you, you discover that life in London isn't as simple as it seems. Especially not when a gang called the Blighters threaten your business.

When you meet the Frye twins, things may seem to look up, but only for a short while as you get drawn into the fight against oppression, and against the most powerful man of London, Crawford Starrick.


Based upon the missions and events of Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

Hey there! I really love your story, but I noticed that you wrote "you was" when it's actually "you were" :)
All I can say is
                              "These Six Trillion years alone have made me freezing cold."
Kittua_Zoldyck Kittua_Zoldyck Dec 07, 2015
Oh shiot....i have a friend named Matthew...for now on i will look at him differently.....ejkdddnlej *burp*
FryeLover11 FryeLover11 Dec 06, 2015
GAAAHHHHHH yes, Chloe, yes! Oh my god this is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I need more! Pronto!!!!
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Wait for me London! I'm gonna kick some wattpad-will-probably-block-my-comment-if-i-write-that-word
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F the status. It is just an unimportant temporary thing and hardest thing to protect. I [y/n] is me, she will do something stupid and lose it anyway. So.. F it!