(COMPLETED) Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

(COMPLETED) Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

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parker By tragician_child Completed

A short fic of a lot of ships tbh. BUT FOR GOD SAKE THIS IS A WAYCEST STORY GOD DAMN IT.

Gee is Mikey's little prince in ways that they keep private to the rest of the world and always has been, and with Mikey's unknown help, Gee is able to go to Art College in Los Angeles where he lives with his brother. 
The art college where he meets a very peculiar photographer named Frank, who becomes his best friend and Daddy. 
But Frank doesn't approve of Mikey and Gee's relationship at all, and would rather have Gee for himself.
Or would he?
So what happens when Frank confronts Mikey about it?
And why does mute Josh Dun have a bottle of dish soap as a weapon?
Why does Tyler sleep nude?
Who does Gerard choose?

Smut warnings for sure.

This is my second time reading this and I still love it!! ^-^
Blood_Rush Blood_Rush Jul 15
this is the only one at i ship but i ship Frerard and Frikey?
Y M C A THYE GOT EVERYTHI- fck my danger days vinyl needs to come quicker I'm getting stuck in the 80's ;-;
My brother just showed me a pic of a dude with a balloon dîck on his head
cyanidebomb cyanidebomb May 31
I wasn't aware that this was that.....I think it's too late to back out now
I'm lesbian and dress more androgynous so my cousin always asks me if I'm trans and he thinks I'm trans when I'm not.