Pureblooded Princess

Pureblooded Princess

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Hermione Granger,the Gryffindor princess the know it all, the bookworm,
the pureblood? 
Wait what yes you herd it Hermione isn't who she thinks she is its not her fault her parents lied to her is it its not her fault she has special powers and it's not her fault Ron has gone pyscho
Throw in a certain ferret, two faced girls and a lot of Nargels you've got a great last year at hogwarts am I right?

Sorry I suck at summaries

EDITED 9/8/16

This is literally the best way to make me like you that and buying me a book
                              Or a cat
                              If you did any of that I would love you forever
I would do that at my party just pour chocolate over some one head and punch them
This is the best way to make me like you. #2 is buying me a book
shinatina shinatina Oct 09
Give me a chocolate fountain, a kitty (white tiger cub preferably but I can settle for a normal one) and/or a book and I'll be you best friend forever!
Ikr, I wish I could pour melted chocolate on my friends head... WAIT A MINUTE