Billdip Guilty Sins

Billdip Guilty Sins

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Bella By bella324635 Updated Jul 23

It's been five years, five years since dipper closed the rift, five years since he defeated bill, five years since they have last been to gravity falls. Dipper is finally 18. After being banned from going back to gravity falls after the Bill incident, they are finally old enough to go back without there parents getting to have a say in it. 

But Dippers family aren't the only ones waiting for the twins return, reduced into almost nothing, bill is waiting for his revenge but when revenge turns too love what truly waits dipper.

*it gets better 💖💖

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Thank God that this is going slow... I got scared that it would go super fast like all the other fanfictions because it was your first one but it's awesome~!
Female puberty does not it you will a wall Dipper.
                              It hits you with a base ball bat until you fall on the ground then it shoots you 28 times in the stomach.
                              Silly Dipper.
Fifty bucks says you look like shaggy. You just need three more people and a dog, you could be mystery inc.
I wouldn't be looking into the phsycopath we call Light Yagami.
i dont fokin care if you took months to grow a goatee shave it off now
Kitty1304 Kitty1304 May 05
No, that's supposed to be Jason getting hit by bricks. Not Mable.