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Her Cold Eyes Match His

Her Cold Eyes Match His

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XxTabathaWhitlockxX By XxTabathaWhitlockxX Updated May 21, 2013

Chi is Kakashi's daughter she looks just like him but two things stand out between the two the most. One her unique bloood red eyes and emotionless personality, Kakashi trained her himself her whole life until he was to be a sensei of a team and since Chi was at the right age he decided that he would ask the Hokage if Chi could be on his team and the Hokage said yes . But what happens when two of the most emotionless people meet and new feels start to show? Would a certain Fan-girl on their team get in the way? Would some new found Fan-boys get in the way? Would some of the past come back to get her? And what else is in store for her?

xXBadAngelXx xXBadAngelXx Dec 13, 2016
Ok so the moms name is demon and the daughter is blood. Logical 👌 👌 👌
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Oct 17, 2016
I I have cheese right here and I'm not afraid to drop it on this!
Kiiowa Kiiowa Sep 05, 2016
Lol did you know that there's a hentai combining their names its called "Oni ChiChi:Rebuild" its really weird and it has a whole series😎.............,  IT'S RAPING TYME😏
MegaloSinner MegaloSinner Jun 29, 2016
Chi... meaning in Japanese: blood... interesting.... why pic that name? Oh well, I have an Oc with that as a last name,and I love Chi so much... my Oc I mean. Sorry.