Love Within Emotions (Sans x Reader) [CANCELED!]

Love Within Emotions (Sans x Reader) [CANCELED!]

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Tordedd is great By techycrystals Updated May 31

You bump into a monster, the skeleton Sans. Over time you get accustomed to each other. Maybe even a little to accustomed. Weird and just plain awkward things happen along this fun filled adventure through, oddness. 

This is not a lemon, but does contain dirty references here and there. The reader will be referred to as a female in this fanfic.

(Cover art was made by me.)

WTF. Sans is so forward. You don't even know this girl's name, come ON. 
                              Not that I would complain if you did the same to me.(* ̄︶ ̄*)
erm dude 1 we exchanged like 3 words and you decide to add your contact into my phone and disappear only for me to find you later in my house
I made a random part for drop pop candy "lol don't mess with sans or you will be burning in he double hockey stick ll
Reference one: Why Chara hates humanity. She was working at MacDonalds
Lala_me03 Lala_me03 Aug 21
*gets phone*
                              Sans:what are you doing 
                              Me: calling 911…um what's the number for 911
                              Sans: ……
                              Me:Answer meh
                              Sans: 9-1-1
                              Me:oh…(walks to my room feeling dumb)
katspire katspire Jul 03
OK if I seen a skeleton inside my house, I would call the freaken police