Love Within Emotions (Sans x Reader) [CANCELED!]

Love Within Emotions (Sans x Reader) [CANCELED!]

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Lizzie By techycrystals Updated May 31, 2016

You bump into a monster, the skeleton Sans. Over time you get accustomed to each other. Maybe even a little to accustomed. Weird and just plain awkward things happen along this fun filled adventure through, oddness. 

This is not a lemon, but does contain dirty references here and there. The reader will be referred to as a female in this fanfic.

(Cover art was made by me.)

princessemojikitten princessemojikitten Nov 08, 2016
WTF. Sans is so forward. You don't even know this girl's name, come ON. 
                              Not that I would complain if you did the same to me.(* ̄︶ ̄*)
Thunderstar112 Thunderstar112 Oct 06, 2016
erm dude 1 we exchanged like 3 words and you decide to add your contact into my phone and disappear only for me to find you later in my house
jbandzandjane jbandzandjane Jul 31, 2016
I made a random part for drop pop candy "lol don't mess with sans or you will be burning in he double hockey stick ll
LunarEclipse2004 LunarEclipse2004 Sep 12, 2016
Reference one: Why Chara hates humanity. She was working at MacDonalds
jhyrzw jhyrzw Aug 21, 2016
*gets phone*
                              Sans:what are you doing 
                              Me: calling 911…um what's the number for 911
                              Sans: ……
                              Me:Answer meh
                              Sans: 9-1-1
                              Me:oh…(walks to my room feeling dumb)
jhyrzw jhyrzw Aug 21, 2016
*slaps sans* how dare u come sit on my couch and not break me some cake 🎂 or some nice HEALTHY chocolate 🍫