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I was possessed by him, but I chose to love him Crowley X reader

I was possessed by him, but I chose to love him Crowley X reader

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Liz By scenekitty0104 Updated Feb 27, 2016

So Crowley is my favorite supernatural character, and I've been writing this for a while on quotev ,yes I have a quotev, so I've decided to also post it on here. Why not? :3 

"So who exactly killed your friend (Y/N)?" My doctor asked me ready to write down my answer.
"If I tell you you won't believe me. Nobody ever does, that's why I was sent here because they all think I'm crazy and you do too." I said looking out the window out into court yard.
"Well, I'm not them. I'm someone else now tell me, who killed your friend?" He asked again slowly a little more aggressively.
I laughed sadistically. "Who? Oh no, no no no. It's not a who but a what tell me doctor, do you believe?" I paused,
	"Believe? Believe in what (Y/N)?"
	"Do you believe in supernatural?" I finished.
	"What kind of supernatural being are we talking about?" He wrote something down.
	"Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifter, ghosts, demons, the lists. It goes on and on doc." I turned and looked him directly in the eyes. "Or should I call you Sam Mr. Winchester?" I smiled evilly and raised my eyebrows.

2DMercury 2DMercury Jul 31, 2016
Good story, not so good grammar. Enjoying it so far, although the way it is set out and written is definitely off putting.
scenekitty0104 scenekitty0104 Oct 08, 2016
@Charlietheuniverse Hmmm I don't know, I think I like acute. They're just tiny and well acute angle.
"do you believe?" me every day now then i am a say it was Crowly ...i hope i spelled his name right 'cause i don''t die