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Gray Fullbuster X Reader

Gray Fullbuster X Reader

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♥️ By Fanfic_writing Updated Jan 26


(Y/n) is a young girl who happens to yield the burden of living in a village that was struck with intense poverty. She's sick and tired of her day-in day-out feeling of inferiority, and hopes for a better life outside her restrictions. What will happen when her village is attacked by an ice dragon? Will she live to not only tell the story of her past, but begin the life she's always dreamed of living? Read this book to find out!

I've been writing this book for a while now, so ignore my bad writing in the first few chapters with petty spelling mistakes and occasional bad grammar.... I'm editing this at the moment, so hopefully I'll be able to improve the quality of the story as well as fix the plot a bit. 

Name: Snow Crystal
                              Nickname: Crystal 
                              Ice powers are fitting for me... Am I the only person that named my village Sparta?
                              *kicks dragon into hole*  THIS IS SPARTA!!!
You do you boo boo 
                              I enjoy your writing so I'm just gonna sit here *sits down on sofa*