Pureblood Princess {Vampire Knight}

Pureblood Princess {Vampire Knight}

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[this series has been discontinued; the sequel will not be published]

Semara Sayama is a Pureblood Vampire. An unconventional one, at that.

She's spent most of her life being mentored by a certain Hunter named Toga Yagari, and she hates causing humans pain. Once there's nothing left for her to learn at her family home, she makes the key decision to go to Cross Academy.

Mara knows that something horrible is coming. Ever since Haruka Kuran, Juri Kuran, and her own mother died... There has been an unrest in the vampire community. Most were oblivious to it, but not Semara. 

This Pureblood will be put to the test at this new school, and she might even be able to save a few lives while she's at it.