Undeniable, Like Yesterday || Kim Hanbin  [iKON's B.I]

Undeniable, Like Yesterday || Kim Hanbin [iKON's B.I]

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Hanbin ❤️ By HANBINOSE Updated Oct 31, 2016

Kim Hanbin and Park Hyerim were bestfriends and fell in love when they were in high school. Their young relationship was strong and unbreakable. 
Until one day, the Park's family has to move to America due to Hyerim's father's business. 

Will Hyerim come back? Will Hanbin wait for her?


Will their long distance relationship work?

Find out how their relationship goes in the story. 


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XxYeolda_61xX XxYeolda_61xX Dec 26, 2015
so.. Who do you ship to Yeol? I know this sounds weird but I ship SatanSoo to HappYeol aka ChanSoo.. Hmm.. Let me guess who u shipped with Yeol.. BACON!! Lol.. ChanBaek is really not a thing for me but HEY! I SHIP WHATEVER AND WHOEVER IN EXO!