The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅

The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅

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Started on 5th December 2015
Ended on 14th February 2017

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  Teresa Scarlet is witty, pretty and very very rich. Thanks to her dad she has lots of money but our protagonist wants love, not money. Unfortunately she's getting married to a rich boy who doesn't even look at her properly and before their engagement he announces their marriage as a contract?! What else? He's cold, rude, arrogant and a big jerk who on the very next day of their marriage throws her out of his car in the midnight in the middle of nowhere?!
  Ryouma Carlton, young business man,rich, handsome and a totally perfect guy. His family moved to the States, when he was 12, and now they're back to their homeland. But as soon as they returned, his world came crashing down when his parents blackmailed him to get married with a girl he met just few days ago. WHAT?
  When he married her,he thought he's got a submissive wife but as the time passes by,Teresa turns his world upside down.
  Seems like the devil has got his perfect match.
  On their journey to the end of their contract marriage they are confronted by hate, jealousy, possessiveness and love?!
  But what happens at the end of the year? Will they get their happily ever after or they'll just split up just like they planned?

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this story is going to give me new experience  
                               hope it have happy ending :)
Ok so I'm wondering if any one knows The name story or a  write wrote book 
                              With Harmony who gets rape by Russian Marfia guy named Dimitris in a hotel he owns in Newyork ? And gets pregnant xx b
BeaB1020 BeaB1020 Nov 15
The beginning reads is really good. Thanks for making the step.
KhocyKhocy KhocyKhocy Feb 10
Lol the contract can be renewed so you don't have to worry girl
childofknowlege childofknowlege Sep 18, 2016
it would be so cool if someone is just reading u book and is like "hi isn't that the kid from school"
Amna_D Amna_D Feb 15
atleaest her marriage will last longer then kim kardashians marriage to kris humpheries