Possession (Editing)

Possession (Editing)

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Rayleen Banks is 24 years old working as an underestimated  editor for an Oil company in New York City. Always being criticized by her falcon looking boss Ms. Newmort, Rayleen just can’t seem to get a break. 

The only source of happiness comes from her blonde best friend Amy who is constantly helping her move on from her demented past. But once she becomes the personal assistant of Elliot Carter, sexy and mysterious business man by day and a sadistic Dominant by night.

 Rayleen still being a virgin, taps into her sexual side and becomes a part time submissive to her boss.  

After a questionable encounter with a fellow dominant, Rayleen confesses her darkest secrets which she has been bound to most of her life.. As love is added into the mix of BDSM, Rayleen is on the verge of losing her mind and Elliot is next to her every step of the way.

 Rape, murder, Arson, breakups, tears, suicide and many other tragedies begin to fill her life as she struggles to begin to love herself and her boss. But is Elliot who he says he is? Is her best friend Amy who she says she is?

 Everything that has been kept from her, her whole entire life is revealed in only a matter of months. And love and the will to truly forgive is put to the ultimate test, dropping the chains....of true possession, once and for all.    

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                              Every boy who's ever broke my heart💔😭😭
ariellebleh ariellebleh Sep 04
ariellebleh ariellebleh Sep 04
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Ooooooooh that contract finna have her trapped in a second watch
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So I had left Wattpad for some months and now that I'm back I just HAVE to re-read this
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I'm surprised no one has commented about the secret circle. It saddens me 😢