Baby Girl - Brendon Urie x Reader

Baby Girl - Brendon Urie x Reader

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dd/lg • kitten play • age play • role play • bdsm


→Brendon Urie x Reader
→Kinky One Shots

(disclaimer: although consent may not be audible, it is there. bdsm does NOT equal rape, nor does anything kinky. it is legal in every way. within age play both people are consenting adults. neither are underage. age play does not encourage pedophilia. pet play does not encourage beastiality. this is for fun. thank you)

(ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Within a BDSM relationship, many things may be said or done to the submissive that in a 'normal' or 'vanilla' relationship would be completely abusive! I do not agree with partners degrading or 'taking out their stress' on their loved one if it is not mutually agreed before hand, or no safe word is present.


Within a functioning BDSM relationship, both parties are comfortable with what occurs/happens and if not, a safe word can be used. A 'little persona' can be switched off at any time.

Things stated in this book (controlling behaviour, possession, degrading) are all signs of abuse in a NON BDSM RELATIONSHIP. Please understand this!

Thank you all so much)

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suicidalheadcase1 suicidalheadcase1 6 days ago
See I am always curious. This can cause a problem, like in school. I pulled the fire alarm because they said not to, etc. In this situation with anybody, I would probably start to finger myself just to agrivate him😂
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