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my life as andy biersacks daughter

my life as andy biersacks daughter

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Jessica - Blue Jane By JessicaBVBJane09 Completed

echo knew who her dad was but he didn't know who she was because her mother didnt bother to tell him and when he finally found out he also found out that echo wouldn't have a mother any more because of an un-known illness , echo also knew about the illness and was scared ... but is that the case ??

also her dad is Andy biersack ? .... 

follow echo and her dad on there journey and see where it leads them !

this is a story like no other , that i can promise XD

MyChemFerard MyChemFerard Aug 30, 2016
MyChemFerard MyChemFerard Aug 30, 2016
I can hear this and DAMN that child is awesome she isn't afraid of Andrew Dennis Biersack she brave
rasberryoongi rasberryoongi Oct 30, 2016
What's that up in the sky? It's batman (ay) batman (ay) *dabs*
Ruby...what a pretty name....wait!!!!! was this a reference to Ruby rose?!?!?!?!!??
london_phangirl london_phangirl 2 days ago
I commented on one of her post about me doing something really dangerous and she said "Where is your mom?!" And I said "You are" and she comments "Well then ima keep you safe"
slimshook slimshook Nov 21, 2016
She's six, looks two, and is listening to BVB. This is what the world has come to.