Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016]

Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016]

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Blake By Blake_is_Awesome Completed

Highest Ranking: #6 in Humor

Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are good grades and better talent with playing her prized violin. Neither require having a girlfriend, especially the one who everyone at school assumes is a hard-core drug addict, judging from how she acts. 
Now Callie has to deal with "Junkie Jules" in public's eye instead of fading into the background, not to mention the scandalous rumors about her and Jules. And the disastrous icing to the dangerous cake? Jules will do anything to make Callie hers.

Cover made by @Sugarpiecutie11


Wattmem Wattmem Jul 17
She uses her imagination... in the woods, huh? I do it on my bed *wink wink* lol jk
Wattmem Wattmem Jul 17
Yeah, you have a reason to why your fingers and other body parts need training in self-defense class.
Wattmem Wattmem Jul 17
If someone calls dibs on me... I'm getting it on with them lmao
Yaaass i just finished why you should never lend the bad boy clothes
jediistorm jediistorm Jun 28
And that moment a book flew and hit this person square in the middle of their forehead
To beat up hot girls that bother you? 
                              Very specific reason