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Percy Jackson Son of Hera

Percy Jackson Son of Hera

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Theodora Smith cuz why not? By shadowyangel3 Completed

Percy Jackson was betrayed by everyone he knew. His girlfriend cheated on him. The seven, Nico, Calypso who had only known him for a few days, Will who had only seen him as a role model and never talked to him, and Reyna, are the only ones who still care.

Hera never had a child, at least a mortal one. All Zeus has done was cheat on her. She had to live with this.

When Hera finds out about what happened to Percy, that he was betrayed by almost everyone. Will she side with the gods, or adopt Percy.

Of course she will adopt him! If she didn't I wouldn't have been writing about this!

I own nothing, not even the plot~~~

alyblackJAS alyblackJAS Mar 14
Oh don't worry i won't.... At least, not yet. I still need to torture her for hurting percy.
Fanfrick Fanfrick Nov 17, 2016
Whoops I killed her back when I read all the son of chaos books
the_fifth_Marauder_ the_fifth_Marauder_ Nov 28, 2016
Nope. Nope. Nope. That would never. Never. Never. happen. I'm out
KactVoid KactVoid Dec 22, 2016
Am I the only one that realise this kid wouldn't be able to push Percy down even if he tried. Just saying, don't shoot hate comments at me. We all have a mutual hate of Annabeth and doflunk
5N33k3R5 5N33k3R5 Nov 06, 2016
How do you give a pen to stars ? I mean it makes sense because she's the one who created it but .. It's just too weird for me..
Lil_Man9001 Lil_Man9001 Oct 06, 2016
How would Percy loose Riptide? It always returns to him, unless Posiden gave it to a new person, but you just said he dropped it.