All Because Of Her (BWWM)

All Because Of Her (BWWM)

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Milkshake23 By Milkshake1626 Updated Jan 12, 2016

*Highest Rank #150 In Romance*

1 sweet girl , whose family is struggling . Working hard to help make ends meet . She's always has to work hard for everything . 

1 arrogant rich boy . Whose family owns hotels all over the world . He's never had to work hard for anything . 

What will happen when Faith becomes Eli's personal assistant, and they begin to have feelings for each other? Will they both realize what they have been missing? Will Eli change his ways all because of her, and will they live happily ever after? Or will it all fall apart due to their great differences? Fall in love with Eli and Faith, and join them on this emotional roller coaster. 

*All of the chapters with parenthesis have been edited by SISI017, she is a great editor. If you would like any editing done, I really recommend her.*

*I hope you enjoy reading my book, please comment and vote. I love to hear opinions on my work, so feel free. I read every single comment.*

XxJadeeeexX XxJadeeeexX Jan 14, 2016
If you wear short skirts or show a lot of cleavage people will think you're a slut.
kiyyah_4 kiyyah_4 Dec 28, 2015
@Dream_Chasers_9 dude... This guy could be Justin! It's almost freaky
kiyyah_4 kiyyah_4 Dec 28, 2015
@Dream_Chasers_9 dude... This guy could be Justin! It's almost freaky
emmanuel626 emmanuel626 Dec 15, 2015
Interesting story I'm looking forward to finish reading it.  Good job
betzabeth31 betzabeth31 Dec 11, 2015
^^ agree love the tattoo sleeve ♥ .. great first chapter baby girl
SISI017 SISI017 Dec 08, 2015
Okay, so I read this first chapter and the story line is simple and good, it goes to the point, if you would like some constructive comments just ask i could help you modify it a bit if you would like I wouldn't mind at all ! Good story so far I will continue reading :D